The Right Brain currently offers classes in Music and Recording Art Technology. Our program will provide Recording Art Technologies training to 720 high school students each week (6 classes per day x 24 students per class), at zero cost to the students. We have partnered with Garfield High School in the Seattle Central District to offer this class. 

Our long-term vision for this  program is to build on the unprecedented performance quality of Garfield’s Quincy Jones Theater and leverage it into a professional audio/video recording and performance studio for Seattle’s youth.

Once we are fully-funded, our program's will expand to include additional classroom training for digital media skills that are in demand by Seattle employers, including: Video Production/Film Making, Digital Photography, Website Design, Gaming Technologies, Sound Design and Deejay Methods & Techniques.  

Our instructors are all professional artists and arts educators, hand-picked by our staff, and are some of the most respected in their fields.